Saturday, January 11, 2014

Out on a limb

I've made some progress on Tree #4 this week. 
The limb on the left was longer before- I had planned for it to extend off the edge, but it seemed to overpower the main tree.  I've covered it up by laying yellow background pieces on it, but I haven't glued them down yet. Which do you like better- the shorter limb (above) or the longer limb (below)? You can got out on a limb (ha, ha) and leave your vote in the comments!
It was so cold here early this week that there was frost inside the window of my quilting room. Those Machinger's quilting gloves really came in handy!

And I made an impromptu draft dodger by bunching up some FMQ practice sandwiches and stuffing them at the bottom of my window. Hmm... maybe I should write a tutorial and call it the "FMQ Up-cycling Draft Dodger!" (just kidding!)

I'm linking up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays.  Check it out to see lots of inspiring fiber art!


  1. I like the idea of a limb going off the edge, but I think you are right about this one. It does seem to overpower the main tree. When I put up the blind in my bedroom on Tuesday (the really cold day) the entire window was covered with ice on the inside! It made me feel really cold! I think I am going to look into some Roman shades for that big front window.

  2. Longer limb is my visual choice. If you shorten it will you leave it bare like the other limbs?

    1. Hi Kathy!
      Yes, I will leave it bare. Actually, it never crossed my mind to put leaves on any of the trees. I started the series with the inspiration of how bare limbs look in the winter. I guess leaves would be the start of a whole new series!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi, Angela. LUV this tree especially since I'm working on a pomegranate tree of my own. I like your fabric techniques, the way you've layered them. I like the shorter limb because otherwise the tree looks like it might fall down. On the other hand, some trees do have very strange growth of branches so the longer version would be a bit more daring and therefore more interesting. Good luck!
    best, nadia

  4. I like the longer limb because real trees are so dramatic and gravity defying the stretch of it captures that in a neat way. But I think having it either way is going to be stunning. Now you have equal votes each way so you'll just have to do what you like!

  5. It vaguely reminds me of this artist I have had little prints of these tree paintings over my bed for years and still love them

  6. I like the shorter limb. The longer one looks out of proportion to me. I love all the fabrics you've used in the tree.

  7. I like the shorter one.

  8. I think the shorter one looks treemendous, but I'll leaf the decision up to you.

  9. I like the longer limb too. I think with that one the three limbs are different lengths which gives it interest. Regardless of which way you go, I know it'll be fabulous when it's done!

  10. Hi Angela, nice to meet you. Love your art quilting. Welcome to grow your blog day!

  11. Skillful!

    Love the Tree Quilt :-) Thanks for sharing ...