Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2 finishes in one day

I celebrated New Year's Eve with a quilting marathon.  In addition to Tree #2 which I posted yesterday, I also finished Tree # 3 (it was almost done already, though).

I used a finishing technique from Susan Carlson's book- I glued snippets of fabric to the front, wrapped around the edge, and glued them on the back.  I really like how it looks on the front, but I think it's kind of messy on the back.  But I didn't want to see a line of binding around the edge, and it was too stiff to turn under for a facing. So this seemed like the best option.   In this picture, I've almost finished the edging, and you can see the back of the quilt with room for about 3 more snippets.

I ironed the label on at 11:43 pm Dec 31- so I can say I finished it in 2013!
Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!


  1. Angela, Your quilting is beautiful. I really look forward to seeing these quilts in person.

  2. A quilting marathon! I think that is one marathon I could do!

  3. Love this quilt-it just glows! Such depth.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments, Mom and Janet! I was aiming for depth, so I'm glad that came through.

  4. love this tree, what do you sue to stick the pieces down with?
    Its really striking this one ~

  5. Sorry, I popped in from GYB and really like your work : )