Friday, January 9, 2015

Making progress

I'm making steady progress on Tree #7.  I made a New Year's resolution to quilt 30 hours a month, and so far I've been really good at sticking to it.

I'm trying to incorporate bigger pieces, with motifs cut out from large-scale prints.  Here's one of my favorite parts- a little armadillo peeking out. 

Here's a few more close-up shots:

I love these blue birds!  I have some pink fabric with birds from the same fabric line, which I'm going to use in the background.  I'm thinking I'll make the background mostly pink, with some yellow. 
My goal is to have all the fusing completed by the end of January. 

In other quilting news, I recently joined SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).  So far, I've been really happy and excited with the opportunities from this group and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about art quilting. 

I'm linking this post up with Off-the-Wall Fridays.  Check it out to see many other exciting artists at work!


  1. I really like both of these larger motifs. I think they add areas of interest to the overall viewing of these pieces. I wonder how much they will stand out when these are finished. I like this color combination. You have really experimented with color on these trees.

  2. I have that fabric with the bird in it. Beautiful fabric, no idea what I'll do wih it.

  3. I like this color combination too and I LOVE the armadillo! Surely he deserves a name.

    1. Maybe I should call him Quilly the Quilted Armadilly

  4. Oh this is awesome awesome awesome! My first thought was how wonderful all the green prints were but then I saw the fussy cut animals and it got 100x better. And armadillos are one of my favorite animals (probably because I'm not a cattle rancher) and I love seeing him there in your tree!