Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 year in review

Since I've neglected my blog for much too long, I'm going to do a quick wrap up of highlights from 2014, so I feel ready for a fresh starts of quilting goals (and blogging goals!) in 2015.

I finished Tree #5 (well, except for that hanging sleeve, but I'm going to still count it.  Don't tell the quilt police.) Overall, I'm happy with it, because I like how it has a range of values, from light to dark, and the bark actually resembles a sycamore.  An area that needs improvement is the transition from yellow to gold on the right hand side in the background.  It is too abrupt- it looks like a line, instead of the more gradual transition I managed on the left.
 Here's a closeup to show the quilting:

And here's a view of the back, which I really like:

I've also finished Tree # 6, and weirdly enough I can't find it right now to take a picture of it. (I'll take that as a sign that I should clean my sewing room!)
But here you can see it during the basting:
 I put a wash-away stabilizer over the snippets, and then rinsed it out after quilting.  It looks like a sheet of plastic, but it made the quilting much easier and it dissolves completely.

I also made this quilt with LED accents, which I'm tentatively calling "Effervescent." 

I'm still working on a video to show the LEDs in action.  
And to finish off the year, an LED bracelet.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but there is a twinkling light in the middle of the star.

And one last highlight from 2014- Seeing my quilts hanging in the Fine Arts division at the Ohio State Fair. 

I hope 2014 was full of happy and productive quilting for you too.  Here's to a great 2015!


  1. What a productive year you've had! You've made so many quilts that I don't even remember hearing about "Effervescent." I particularly like the pairing of projects in the Ohio State Fair display! You may have heard from Mom that I finished quilting the last block in my project and have started on the border.

  2. Welcome back! I've really missed reading your blog. I love the bracelet. I want to see that in person. Seeing the trees in pictures really shows the shading that you do. I'll have to remember to step back when I look at your quilts. You need to display all of your trees together to see the changes from one to the next. They really are a series.

  3. Wow! I love the depth! Amazing.