Sunday, February 2, 2014

A productive week

My newest project, Tree #4, is coming along nicely.
Tree art quilt
I have all of the snippets in place, so now I need to go back and carefully glue down all of the loose edges. This is fairly time consuming, but I want to be thorough.  Last time, on Tree #3, I skimped on glue and the pieces were falling off as I was try to quilt it. Pretty frustrating!  Also, I made sure to use Aileen's tacky glue throughout, rather than the glue stick I tried before. Hopefully I'll be quilting it next weekend!
Here's what the sewing room floor typically looks when I'm working with snippets:
I find them everywhere. A few weeks ago I felt a scratchy sensation on my arm while I was driving, and I figured out it was from masking tape sticking a snippet to the inside of my sleeve. 
In other quilting news, I enjoyed seeing a selection from Quilt National at the Riffe Gallery last week.  The show is open through April 13, so check it out if you are in Columbus! 


  1. I have taken to wearing a vest when I sew because I was so covered in thread all the time. Now only my arms are covered in thread! This is looking beautiful!

  2. This is a gorgeous piece in progress. I love the colors and it's fun to see what goes on behind the scenes. Though my technique is different (needle turn applique), you have inspired me in a new direction. Thanks.

  3. Your art quilts are fantastic and your patience with working with tiny snippets is to be commended. Keep up the great work!