Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why finish one quilt when you can start another?

Designing and starting new projects is my favorite part of quilting, so I tend to have a backlog of unfinished projects (hmm...I guess that is not unusual among quilters, though!)  I'm enjoying Tree #3 so much that I decided to do something very similar for Tree #4. This time I'm experimenting with using some bigger pieces of fabric.  I fussy-cut motifs from some large scale prints to get started.

Here's how it looks after filling in some pieces. 

It's been challenging to use larger pieces, because its harder to blend the colors together smoothly without one piece jumping out and being too obvious.  Also, it is harder to judge the value of a motif from a large print, because they usually have a range of values.  So I'm filling in the areas around big motifs with little snippets to help them blend together.

I did find one spot where the shadow I wanted under a branch was about the same shape as a darker area in a leaf motif I'd cut from an Amy Butler (?) print.
See the triangle with the D and the half circle marked DD?  These are areas I plan dark and very dark values (hence the D's, to help me remember). By placing dark values there I will hopefully make it look like a shadow under the tree branch. Well, this leaf shape continued the shapes in the fabric above it, and even though it is not the exact same shape as the shadow I originally planned, I think it works well.
To help the large leaf motif blend with the fabrics around it, I trimmed the black off the edges.  Here it is after filling in some more pieces.
So for now, Tree #1 is the only one in the series completed.  I'm still quilting Tree #2, need to finish the edge and do a sleeve on Tree #3, and Tree #4 is underway.


  1. Angela, I just love this one! I think it is your most creative one yet. I do have to agree with you about the lure of starting a new project. I have the fabric out for a new basket, and it is calling to me. But, the K. F. project is taking up the whole sewing room floor. I really must get the circles pinned to the background so that Sherry can vacuum on Friday. I can hardly wait to see the next installment on this tree.

  2. Very impressive! My only concern about this project is that the bigger snippets might not create as much "visual interest" on the floor of the room where you are working. If you were working on this in my apartment, you'd have to do something about that!

    I think you and Mom will be pleased to hear that I was working on my quilt project this morning, but had to stop because I ran out of thread! Apparently a trip to the local quilt store is needed.

  3. A visit to the local quilt shop--what a great way to spend some time! I went to mine yesterday and enjoyed a coffee and some very pleasant conversation--and I bought thread, too.