Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teaching a FMQ class

On Sunday I taught beginning Free-Motion Quilting to 5 great friends.  I met this awesome group of ladies through the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild. Since I've been wanting to start teaching, I asked them to join me as my "guinea pigs" to test out the class.  I know it sounds like a cliche, but I think I learned just as much as the students!
Here's Barb quilting away happily.  Check out her blog at Black Squirrel Threads- she is a great writer!  (And a great quilter!)

Look at Abbe's work.  Nice letter-E shapes, Abbe!

And here's Polly and Kathy.  We set out to prove the Free Motion quilting is really all about FUN!

I didn't think to take enough pictures- we were too busy!  So I didn't get a picture of Sheila or her work, but she was very productive! 
Thanks to a super group of quilters for a fun afternoon of stitching.  For anyone interested in teaching quilting, I highly recommend doing a trial-run of your class with some friends. I got great feedback about what areas need more information and what to cut.  I had planned to cover way too much!
And thanks to Kathy for hosting us in her office!

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