Thursday, December 27, 2012


The day after Christmas, I flew to Hawaii with my mom and my sister.  We were lucky to fly early in the morning, and miss the 8 inches of snow in Pennsylvania!
Our first stop today, after breakfast, was a great quilt shop called Quilt Passions.

We enjoyed the nice selection of batiks and Asian prints, and beautiful samples, including several lovely Hawaiian quilts.  I bought a metallic thread, and a silk thread, because I'd like to try a wider variety of threads in my FMQ.  My sister bought a kit to do a shasiko leaf block, and my mom got some fabric. 

Here's a fun promotion at Quilt Passions:  Whichever bolt is cut first each day is designated "Bolt of the Day" and anyone buying some gets 25% off.  We got there bright and early, thanks to jet lag, so this great blue swirly print my mom chose is Bolt of the Day.
We also enjoyed some sightseeing and a walk by the beach.  Here's the beautiful sunset


  1. The one thing missing from our condo is a sewing machine!

  2. Sooo jealous! Should have known you early birds would get the "bolt of the day"! More snow coming here. Enjoy your stay!